Roppongi, Tokyo, on New Year's Eve

Roppongi, Tokyo, on New Year's Eve
Among other things, I am writing a detective series that takes place in Tokyo. The first novel, "Be Careful What You Ask For," centers on a much-admired Tokyo police inspector being forced to confront his ties to a crime family while investigating a murder in Roppongi.

Friday, May 18, 2012

What she said...

I have spent the past week deep in the waters of social media, flinging aside my water wings and learning how to swim. There are so many excellent posts for the likes of me, a writer shifting gears and embracing the fact that I must go find an audience.
Ashley Barron's excellent Tweets have helped my focus, and one blog in particular
sums up the new mindset I'm adjusting to.

Can't wait to learn more, share more, and continue the journey.
Come join me!

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