Roppongi, Tokyo, on New Year's Eve

Roppongi, Tokyo, on New Year's Eve
Among other things, I am writing a detective series that takes place in Tokyo. The first novel, "Be Careful What You Ask For," centers on a much-admired Tokyo police inspector being forced to confront his ties to a crime family while investigating a murder in Roppongi.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Writer's Manifesto

As I have explained before, Brave New Deadline is the successor of a column I wrote for a weekly some time ago. Blogging means different things to different people. To me, it is a form of self expression and a way to share ideas. I write about writing, the process, the craft. I mention craft because I believe writing, whether it is reportage, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, or anything else, is really the craft of creating with words.
Creating is a very personal pursuit. It is celebrated publicly, if that is what fate has in store for what's been created, but the act of creating, of craft, is a lonely pursuit. 
A blog that has been named as outstanding for two years running is Jeff Goins Writer, and Jeff has produced an ebook The Writers Manifesto. It can be found here:

He writes: "I am falling back in love with writing. With the actual craft."
I believe all writers need to read this manifesto. 
And they must fall in love with writing.  With the actual craft.
Well said, Jeff.

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